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MoneyCity Loans C Financial Methods for Your Needs

MoneyCity Loans is a monetary services provider by using a range of solutions designed for South Africans. The institution offers various services which could make the lives for ordinary citizens incredibly easier.

What services does MoneyCity Loans give?

  • Personal loans
  • Cellphone Contracts
  • Insurance (Death, disability, Royal air force Claims, Endowment policies)
  • Bonds coming from R100?000 upwards
  • Wills
  • Consumer Finance
  • Accounting Services (Tax, Financials, CC registration etc)

Tell me a little more about personal loans from MoneyCity Loans?

Short phrase solutions are offered to the people residing in the Durban place from R100 to R2500. Payday loans may be ideal for purchasing short term needs which include rent for the month or getting household goods when you’re having a restricted month financially.

Personal Loans are offered from R1000 towards a maximum of R25?000 with up to 60 months to pay. These may be ideal for long term needs such as buying home renovations and also paying for expensive tertiary rates. You can use it to pay for a high priced medical procedure which may take place when you least anticipate it.

What are the getting qualified criteria for MoneyCity Loans?

  • Be above the period of 18 years
  • Be permanently used in at least 3 months your current employer
  • Earn a minimum salary of R2000 per month
  • Be a To the south African citizen
  • Have a valid Southwest African I.Deb.

Documentation required for application:

  • Valid To the south African I.D.
  • Provide latest 3 months’ financial institution statements
  • Provide latest payslip
  • Provide proof of residence

Contact MoneyCity Loans by calling:? 079?610 5165 as well as by sending an e-mail to

Visit their website listed here:?


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