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Old Mutual Financial products – Solutions for Important Financial Needs

Old Mutual is one of Southern region Africa’s oldest and main insurance and personal services providers. This institution’s loans are one of the most popular products. This can be unsurprising, as more and more Southern region Africans are taking out lending products in order to finance a selection of their daily needs. The actual surge in lending near your vicinity is also partially caused by an increased presence of micro-lending bodies in the market. Despite this obstacle, Old Mutual continues to be at the forefront of licensed financial service providers within South Africa. Their Loan bags are made to suit each individual’s financial needs, encouraging them to achieve monetary freedom and to get away from the trap of bad debt.?

Old Shared My Money Program:

This loan product bundles your existing loans to a consolidated loan. This eases financial stress, while you only have to make a person payment monthly, rather than running around to pay numerous creditors. This product provides clients up to R150?1,000 in funds to help consolidate their financial loans. The repayment period can be between 1 along with 5 years and the interest is fixed for the stint of the loan.

Old Joint iWYZE:

This insurance cover caters for your property, car and personal goals. Old Mutual iWYZE offers cover for your valuables in the event of depressing things like theft, crash damage or even flames. This product includes Your home Contents Insurance, Personalized Liability Insurance and Truck and Caravan Insurance. Its content has affordable monthly premiums, a hard and fast excess amount plus retrenchment Premium and Excessive waiver.

Contact Old Mutuals’ Loan category here: 0860 000?886

Contact Older Mutuals’ Insurance division in this article: 0860 93 94 93

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