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New Heights Financial – Offering Bridging Funding and More

New Heights Finance is undoubtedly an organisation that specialises in providing Bridging funding solutions, property connecting, equity release, usecured bank loans, purchase order, type of pension provident solutions and more.Many lenders are reluctant to deliver high risk lending currently and many borrowers usually are viewing bridging financial loans as a simple alternative to mainstream lending. These financing options however come with high aprs as well as hefty management fees.

Eligible individuals involve those who’ve bought a property, or have been granted a further attachment; those awaiting cash from a pension or provident fund payment as well as RAF claim; estate agents awaiting commission.

Property bridging, which is a quick way gain access to cash is fast gaining interest.

Property bridging allows one to get a cash advance within the profits if a property owner sold.

Pension Bridging consists of access to a type of pension pay-out if you have resigned, are already retrenched or dismissed. This feature allows one to have a short-term loan against your confirmed or certain cash inflow. Money is obtainable while an individual waits for a lump sum payment pay-out from policies or simply investments, Retirement Annuities as well as provident funds.

New Heights Finance provides equity linking services which entail asset equity release, home warehousing and mezzanine finance.

Equity launch involves a financial understanding in which a property owner offers all or part of it into a financial institution in exchange for hard cash, but has the directly to continue living certainly, there.

Personal loans are offered via R2000 up to R100?000, that will clients with straightforward credit records just. Approvals are done within a couple of days.

Loose assets can be used security for short-term asset lending options.

New Heights Finance is usually a South African Monetary House which provides an array of viable solutions designed for clients. It operates using a unique business structure which gives South Africa photo safari consumers numerous options for quick ways to get cash.


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