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Tyeba Investment Loans

Tyeba Investment Loans is often a specialist business loan company. The institution presents finance for start-ups and gives funding which can be a good choice for expansion or capital.?

The company has a particular focus on early stage plus existing businesses within Africa, Europe and Asia. Because leaders in world-wide Private Equity and the Expansion capital Industry, Tyeba Investment aims to provide flexible fund solutions from R3 , 000, 000 to a maximum of R500 thousand thousand.

Tyeba Investment Loans is an institution that was started by entrepreneur Mandla Lamba.

Lamba has set up numerous companies, which include East American Methods (EAR) and Godforth Life/ Eternal Life.

Lamba was arrested for fraud in 2016.

Financial magazine Moneyweb conducted an investigation in to Lamba’s business interests. As per the media outlet: “Despite this outlandish claims of double digit results that these website guaranteed to investors Moneyweb has found no proof which will investors earned these kind of returns.”

The publication as well showed in Late 2016 how Lamba would set up new companies, plus a four-page website.

Moneyweb probed Lamba and he admitted to being belonging to the company [Tyeba Investment], saying “it’s a shell, the company under no circumstances traded, it has only been open for example month, but it’s likely to form part of the venture”.

To find out more about Tyeba Investment Financial loans, call: 011?966 0000

Visit their website the following:

Starting a business is challenging for you are a number of steps to have throughout the process. Despite the fact that banking institutions have exacting qualifying procedures, when as business owner you choose to get finance through an alternate source, for example micro finance establishment, it’s important to make sure that you carry out necessary research.

The small finance company should be signed up with the National Credit Regulator and should subscribe to suggestions set by the Country wide Credit Act.


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